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Numerous car rentals options are available in Perpignan, There are dozens of great deals if you search around on the internet using google to ask for 'low cost car rentals Perpignan'. Make sure in book in advance on the Internet to get a better deal. In case you fly to Spain (Barcelona or Girona) we recommend you hire your car there as it is cheaper in Spain than in France.

A word of advice to those arriving at the local airports - to avoid long queues at peak periods for your car, avoid booking with the car company which is offering a 'special deal' with your flight. And, while everyone else is waiting for their bags on the carousel at Perpignan airport, quickly pop out to the care hire desk of your choice to collect your keys and avoid any queueing at all. All major car hire companies are represented at Perpignan airport and station.

To get you started here are details for four of the major operators:

Phone Perpignan airport: + 33 (0) 468 61 38 85
Perpignan train station: +33 (0) 468 56 95 95

Phone Perpignan airport: + 33 (0) 468 61 05 43
Perpignan Polygone: + 33 (0) 468 52 95 29

Phone Perpignan airport: + 33 (0) 468 61 18 77
Perpignan train station: +33 (0) 468 52 90 90

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