Famously called by Salvador Dali "the Centre of the World", Perpignan is located in the deep south of France and is the capital of the Pyrénées Orientales department, while its geographical and cultural identity is also turned naturally to Spanish Catalonia. Perpignan is a busy place, at the crossroads of two countries, greatly influenced by the Mediterranean cultures and benefiting of the sun around the year.

You will explore Perpignan's strong identity when strolling around in the narrow streets, between walls made of bricks and 'cayrous' (pebble stones), pushing the doors of courtyards and entering patios, or enjoying cool squares.

One never gets bored in Perpignan with all the festivities and activities– like Visa pour l'Image: every year, late August - Perpignan becomes the world capital of photojournalism. The "Jeudis de Perpignan" each Thursday evening (in summer) artistes light up the streets with incredible, atmospheric mix of local colour sound and rhythm. Or you can go to the Jazzebre- jazz music and live concerts, playing in Perpignan beside many other concerts, festivals and attraction.

Old vestiges or attractive sights at the heart of the town, Perpignan seduces its visitors with the impressive signs of its past and the charm of its narrow streets. History lovers will be amply rewarded by the discovery of the Palace of the Kings of Majorca. Built in the 13th century and once the court of the kings of Aragon, it now has an eerily empty moat and fantastic views over the town. The Castillet is the emblem of the city, (built at the end of the 14th century) which was a small fort and the city gateway and later used as a prison. There's plenty of history among the churches, monuments and museums.

Numerous markets, shops, cafes and restaurants will also keep you pleasantly busy.

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